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Regardless of how serious the car accident was, the smartest choice is to see a medical professional for a thorough screening specializing in auto accidents. Car accidents can cause a wide variety of injuries, including sprains and breaks, cuts, concussions and non-life-threatening internal problems. At Eminence our medical providers are trained and understand the mechanism behind motor vehicle accidents. Treatment require a clear understanding of the mechanism and traumatology of injury associated with high velocity injury models such as those seen in acceleration/deceleration injuries (Whiplash injuries).

Our trained medical practitioner will examine the patient carefully. Sometimes, the practitioner may be able to make a diagnosis from the hands-on evaluation. In other cases, the medical provider may use an X-ray or CT scan to confirm the condition.

There is no need to suffer from the effects of a car accident. Whether the injuries are minor or moderate, you need to feel at ease with your health and wellness. This medical attention will allow you to resume your normal routine without pain and discomfort. 

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