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Increased Energy Levels, Increase Libido/Sex Drive, Improved Heart Health, Boosting Mood & Cognitive Function.

Hormone levels naturally fluctuate throughout life and decline dramatically as we age. At Eminence Medical we take pride in restoring and reviving a patient’s hormonal health by FDA approved hormone therapy. Our hormone therapy program works by supplementing or replacing hormones the body is lacking to help restore the hormone balance. Hormone therapy help regulate hormone levels related to aging and various health issues. At Eminence Medical our medically supervised hormone therapy restore and prevent the most common pitfalls of aging including muscle loss, loss of stamina, reduced libido, and susceptibility to illness and breakdown.  At Eminence Medical we assist in reversing that trend to staying younger, feeling younger, and looking younger.

Our medically supervised hormone therapy services and supplementation are based on laboratory results and patient experience. Our goal is to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient to address their specific hormone needs.


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